"A sunset is almost like a sacred moment – it's intimately connected with love, life, friendship, family, the beach and the sea. It's proof that no matter what happens - every day can end beautifully." 

It was a beautiful evening back in July, when we hung out with some friends on the beach. While enjoying the last sun rays, sipping on freshly made sangria and listening to the summer beats from the ciringuito close by, we were offered straw hats. Curious as I am I checked the tag and it said "made in PRC". Throughout the sunset we discussed why almost everything we buy, use and wear has to come from the other side of the planet.

Back then we did not know that in this very moment our brand was born. But what we already did realize was, that we wanted to be part of the change.

Three years later we have 2021 and survived a pandemic that drastically changed the world. We want to preserve the promising initiatives during these times that promoted local craft. We are willing to do what it takes to contribute our "granito de arena".

For you - for me - for us ...xoxo Belinda, Achim & Sandro.



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